MobBob and other bodies!

This post is a discussion and thoughts on using MobBob with other bodies.

Cliff posted the following question in the comments section:

Dear Cervinus;

I am developing a robot based off of the poppy robot chassis. I am not using the expensive dynamixel motors and am beating my head against the wall trying to learn programing. Sort of cart before the horse issues mostly. I’m switching gears and going to build a simpler biped to learn more.

I like the autonomous aspects of your robot and the voice recognition, vision from camera and usage of smartphone sensors etc in your app. Granted this is an as I learn more question can the app be modified to add more leg servos and arms gripper? Is that all in the arduino code or the android app as well?

Awesome project can’t watch to get started and have my Samsung s4 dance around on the table.



I started writing a reply in the comments section… but it got fairly long and I started including some information that might be useful for other people who may be thinking about other bodies for MobBob. (E.g. Earlier in the week, I saw a MobBob remix on Thingiverse (created by user Zalophus) with arms!)

So, I decided to turn the answer into a post.

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