Serial Communication with the Bluno using Bluetooth LE

When I first started working with the Bluno, I found the documentation didn’t really give me a clear idea how to talk to the Bluno.

DFRobot does provide example iOS and Android projects. However, as I was making my app with the Unity game engine. I could not use that directly.

So, I ended up going through the example Android and iOS project examples provided by DFRobot to “reverse engineer” information about the Bluno’s pass-though serial service/characteristic.

This post is a write up what I figure out (back when I first started working with the Bluno). This information should be useful for anyone who wants to connect to the Bluno by means other than a standard iOS/Android app.

(I’m writing this to answer Pablo’s question: Let me know if this helps. I connecting using Bluetooth LE.)

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My Day Job!

Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t posted any robot updates for a while!

My day job has been keeping me really busy lately. In “real life”, I’m a Game Developer at Robot Circus (

About a month ago, I went to San Francisco for GDC (the Game Developers Conference). The conference was AMAZING, and I got to be part of Good Game’s GDC Special!

Good Game is a fantastic, Australian TV show about video games. The special is awesome and has a lot of great info about GDC.

The show aired on TV here this week, but you can also find it on YouTube here:

The game that we’re working on at the moment is called Ticket to Earth. It has a game mechanic that blends the genres of Puzzle RPGs and Tactical Combat games. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to getting it out there for everyone to play.

You can see a trailer of our game here:

I promise there will be some robot updates soon! I have a long todo list for MobBob and for Sphero Companion. I also have some new parts that I want to play with. This upcoming weekend is a 3-day weekend and I’m definitely planning to work on some robots then.

Updates soon!!!


Updates to Apps and MobBob parts soon!

Sorry I have not been posting much recently. I just moved to a new apartment and have only just recently setup my “lab” again. (The new space is much, much better!)


Now that I’m settled into the new place, I’ll be doing app updates and designing new robots again. 😀

I have been working on some hardware updates to MobBob and I’ll post details (and STLs) soon!! Here’s a sneak peak of this update… This MobBob iteration has a Nexus 6 phone holder (Phablet!) and with a newly designed case for the Bluno Beetle to keep the wires hidden away and tidied up!



Tip for Bluno Connection Issues

I’ve just built a new MobBob, and I encountered some Bluno connection problems when testing/configuring this new MobBob.

What I found was that the app would sometimes have difficulty connecting to MobBob. And even after it manages to connect, the connection would be lost after one or two animations.

“Dana Hom” posted in the blog comments about a similar issue, so I thought I’d post how I solved it in case it’s helpful to other MobBob builders!

It turns out, the problems went away after I used the Bluno Beetle’s AT command “AT+SETTING=DEFAULT” (The DFRobot website has detailed instructions on how to do this: Link)

I’m guessing that either the Bluno Bluetooth settings were never initialised properly during manufacture, or they got corrupted at some point before reaching me. This command seemed to correctly reset the Bluno’s bluetooth configuration.

Using that command seemed to fix the issues I was having. After doing that I was able to connect and had MobBob walking around my desk for about 10-15 minutes straight without any connection problems.

So, if you are having connection problems, give this a try!