Wobbly is a 3D-printed, gravity-powered, walking automaton. He basically walks down slopes.

You can see him in action here:

His design was based on the instructions provided by Roberto Lou Ma for making a wooden walking robot. (http://blog.dugnorth.com/2011/02/download-plans-for-ramp-walking-wooden.html)

The files for printing him are available on Thingiverse here:http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:170932

On Thingiverse, there are also some remixes that other users have created! It really makes me smile when I see other people print or remix Wobbly. 😀

2 thoughts on “Wobbly”

  1. As a child, I used to have a little plastic dog that worked on the same principle.
    Used to have a little weighted ball attached to it by a string. You would hang the weighted ball over the edge of a surface like a table or such that it would pull the robot forward make me walk with that same wobbly gate… So you would not always need to put it on an incline to make it work.
    Very neat stuff.

    1. I think I’ve seen some videos of those! That would be a great project for a new 3D printed toy. 😀 I’m going to give it a go! Thanks for the suggestion.

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