A Fantastic, New Robotics Community!

I’ve started hanging out with a cool, new, online robotics community!


It’s brand new, so the paint may still be a little wet. However, it is already FULL of the most talented and experienced robot makers you’ll find anywhere.

You’ll meet intelligent people, get answers and help to your robot projects, and best of all, you’ll have fun!

They are the funniest and most welcoming people you’ll find.

Go check it out! ๐Ÿ˜€

MobBob Wiring Diagram!

A few people from Thingiverse have been asking how to wire up MobBob. So, I made a diagram. Let me know if you have any questions or hit any problems.

After hearing from a few people, there is one thing I should clarify about the diagram! The positions of the wires in the diagram are not the positions they are coming out of the servo!

The red wire is usually the “+” wire, and is usually the centre wire.

The yellow (not always yellow!) wire is the “pulse”ย wire, and is one of the side wires.

The black ย (or often brown)ย wire is the “-” wire.