I’m working on MobBob app updates.

I’ve spent this weekend working on the MobBob app. I still need to finish a few things and do more testing, but I’m hoping to have an updated app on Google Play soon, and also hope to have the first iOS version on the iTunes store as well.

Most of this weekend has been spent updating the code to use the latest versions of all libraries, and also updating the app to the latest version of Unity (5.4).

Things are looking good after the updates.

  • OpenCV is now using OpenCV 3 and is working well
  • Voice recognition seems to be working well
  • Speech synthesis is working fine
  • Regular Bluetooth connection is working well


  • Bluetooth LE still seems unreliable when using Android 6. (It is working OK most of the time on Android 5.) I am continuing to look at this and am currently looking at redoing this code completely.

I’m hoping to have these maintenance updates completed soon. Then I’ll be working on extending the app. I have a lot of ideas for new functionality and interactions that I want to implement.

I’m excited to finally get an iOS version out soon (finally!). I know quite a few people have been asking for it, so I apologise for taking so long. The iOS version won’t have voice recognition initially, but the other features should be there.

I’m hoping to get these updates completed this week and will upload new versions to Google Play and hopefully also iTunes.

9 thoughts on “I’m working on MobBob app updates.”

  1. Please forward me the link on Google play to download the app. The one existing on your website says URL doesnt exist.

  2. Which one is used to create your app?? Please tell me I want learn and create app like you.
    I think you are using andriod studio.

      1. I just found your You Tube and I have a bluno. I have not found the iOS Mobbob and would like to use my bluno, iOS and android as a Bob.

        1. Hi Holly,

          Thanks for checking out my videos. I’m very sorry to say that I still haven’t had time to get the iOS version ready for release. My work hasn’t left me with any time to progress this project these past few years. When I get some time off, I’m keen to do a major update and a new version of MobBob. I miss working on robots!


  3. Hey Kevin, this is Holly. I got Cevinius working on a Bluno 2 months ago, An LG Gee pad and servos. I was showing him to friends, students and family. They all love him. Then my bluno does not connect anymore. It does not even get recognized by the arduino IDE and other devices. (usually I can see my Bluno on other apps too,but nope.)
    I tried connecting to my Bluno through the serial port and AT mode at 15200 baud. the only lights on the Bluno is on and L light. I could not burn new boot loader or load new sketch. I do not even know if I am doing this right. Hey If you know anyone else having such issues, connect me with them . I really miss my Cevinius robot. PS when uploading sketch , BOOT button gets pushed in before plugging in and uploading, right?

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