Making robots with breadboards!

I can solder… and I do solder when I need to… However, I’m not the most confident/skilled at it… So, in a lot of my projects, I setup the electronics entirely on a breadboard.  See this picture of my original MobBob built… all electronic done on a tiny breadboard.


However, using a breadboard is not just for the solder-phobic! It can be a useful technique for building robots, so I wanted to share some of the tricks I use for doing robot electronics on a breadboard!

(For anyone new robot builders who are making MobBob, using a breadboard could be a good way to get MobBob up and running quickly. Breadboarding is quick and easy. Also, you can always solder the connections later once you’re sure everything is working.)

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Updated MobBob app is on Google Play

The updated MobBob app is now on Google Play:

This version includes the new Bluetooth connection features seen in the video posted yesterday. The main new feature is that the app can now connect to paired devices using regular Bluetooth. This should enable the app to work with most Bluetooth modules.

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