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  1. Dear Cevinius

    I found your work on youtube, and in just one word, AMAZING, you are a crack¡ Thanks for it.
    Now I´m stop in a personal project and maybe you can provide a simple solution or were to find an aswer.

    Ok , I need to comunicate by Bluetooth between UNITY engine and Bluno Bettle BLE for :

    1º From UNITY toggle switch —– > Start/Stop MOTOR conected to BLUNO board.
    2º UNITY show a light ON/OFF <——— Detector Switch from motor spining detection.

    So I need a very simple code on UNITY and on Bluno.

    Can you help me on this.

    Thanks very much for help us and give us ideas with your works.


    1. You can probably use ideas from the MobBob Bluno code for the Bluno side. I have a system there for interpretting commands, etc. The Unity side is trickier. I used a plugin to help me do that. The example code with the plugin was a good starting point, and I developed my version from that.

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