Preview of the iOS app for MobBob

Here’s a quick preview of the iOS app for MobBob. In the video, the app is running on my iPad Air.

The iOS version currently only supports Bluetooth LE connections. (Apple does not make it easy for people to publish apps that make use of regular Bluetooth).

Like the Android version, the app has speech synthesis, and computer vision. (It has the peek-a-boo functionality and also the ball tracking functionality.)

However, the iOS version also doesn’t currently support voice recognition. This is something I’m still trying to figure out a solution for.

I’m still tweaking and testing this version of the app, but I’m planning to release it on the iTunes store soon.


7 thoughts on “Preview of the iOS app for MobBob”

  1. Hi Cevinius – Would really appreciate the App for Ios, even in a limited state. Have a Samsung S3 Mini, but doesn’t support BLE. I thought it was the Bluno that was giving me issues, but the iPhone sees it fine.
    On further checking, turns out the S3 mini doesn’t support the low power Bluetooth 🙁

  2. Hello, can you tell me wich are the numerical or alphabet characters that the arduino board recives from the Mobbob’s app through bluetooth for each movement, please.
    congratulations, great work!

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