New MobBob parts are now on Thingiverse

MobBob Nexus 6

Sorry it took so long, but I’ve uploaded some new MobBob parts to Thingiverse.

Nexus 6 Phone Holder:
This part is a phone holder designed for the Nexus 6 (that accounts for its curved back).

It looks giant next to the Nexus 5 version!

MobBob Nexus 6 Vs Nexus 5

Bluno Beetle Backpack:
This set of parts form a “backpack” that fits onto the V2 mounting points that is designed specifically to fit a Bluno Beetle.

MobBob-Black2 MobBob-Black3 MobBob-Black4


Let me know if you try these parts out for yourself! Have fun!


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