Sphero Companion Updated!


I’ve just submitted an updated version of Sphero Companion to Google Play. It is still completely free for all Sphero fans to play with.


I’ve added a bunch of new commands, and also refined the existing ones. I’ve also documented all the commands that the app currently supports. You can see all the commands here:

The next update will be a voice programming function. I want to add the ability for users to teach Sphero a sequence of moves using voice commands, then save that sequence with a user specified name. Users can then recall that sequence by name at a later time. It’ll be remembered between play sessions.

Thanks for reading and thanks for checking out the app. If you have any requests/suggestions for behaviours, leave a comment here or on YouTube!

6 thoughts on “Sphero Companion Updated!”

    1. Great to see you here, Craig!!!! 😀 I’m planning to post a lot more MobBob stuff here. Add some detailed build instructions and also some wiring instructions, etc. 😀

  1. Very awsome programming.
    I first saw your work with the sphero companion app, on U-Toob.
    –does any device that uses android work with the google version app ?
    –will the app work with the bb8 sphero as well ?
    –will there be a forthcoming version for IOS eventually available on i-tunes ?

    1. Thank you!

      It should work with any Android device that works with Sphero. The device does need to be set to English and it needs to be able to access Google for the voice recognition. (e.g. people in China who are blocked from Google cannot use it.)

      It does not work with BB-8 at the moment. But I want to see if I can make that work too.

      There will be an iOS version, but it’ll take more time!

      Thanks again for posting!

  2. Hello!

    I LOVE what you have done here! I am even exploring the use of Sphero with this app for students who might have some intellectual difficulties. Really curious if it is available on iOS. Most of the schools I work with have ipads!



    1. Hi Maria,

      Thanks very much for the kind words! At the moment, the app is only available on Android. However it is well overdue for a proper update! So, when I do the update, I’ll be sure to include iOS as well.


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